I Went to Tony Robbins’ UPW – Here’s What I Thought: 5 Key Takeaways

I Went to Tony Robbins' UPW - Here's What I Thought: 5 Key Takeaways

13,000 people. 71 countries. Lots of screaming and dancing.  How one intensive 4-day event changed my life. Check out these 5 key takeaways!

I had the good fortune of receiving a complimentary ticket from a dear friend to attend Tony Robbins’ famed “Unleash the Power Within” (UPW) event near New York in November, 2018.

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The Surprisingly Short Journey to Becoming A Great Reader

The Surprisingly Short Journey to Becoming A Great Reader | ZenShmen

My journey from starting out as an infrequent, casual reader who never knew what to read to becoming ‘a great reader’ – someone who reads often, on purpose, and gets a ton of value out of it – was much shorter than I ever thought it would be. Why is this so important? In this post I’ll tell you how it happened, the hurdles I overcame along the way, and share some specific steps on how to get started on your own lifelong learning journey.

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The Most Life-Changing Advice I Ever Received

The Most Life-Changing Advice I've Ever Received | ZenShmen

Do you wish you had a fail-safe way you could count on to pull yourself out of a serious funk? Even one that has been dragging on for a long time? Hell yes.  If you’re anything like me, what you read here today will be very useful for you and can help you move on from a situation you are feeling stuck in.

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How to Find Your Yes… And Make it a Hell Yeah!

How to Find Your Yes... And Make it a Hell Yeah! - ZenShmen
If you’re looking to find your yes, I have a treat for you today.

I’d like to welcome a fresh new voice to the team, Liz McConomy, who will kick things off with a topic very near to my heart: getting to Yes.

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Recipe for Feeling Bitter

Recipe for Feeling Bitter | ZenShmen
It turns out, there’s an exact recipe to follow to become bitter.  The truth of the matter is, when I started this blog it was to talk about stuff I love, like home decor and fun DIY projects.

But since moving into a house I greatly dislike, I’ve found it hard to muster the enthusiasm to talk about those kinds of things.  

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A Tiny Shift Flipped My Understanding of Happiness

A Tiny Shift Flipped My Understanding of Happiness | ZenShmen | Shawn-Achor---happiness-is-the-joy-you-feel-striving-after-your-potential

I came across an idea yesterday that really stuck with me, and I want to share it with you.  It’s a principle that flipped my understanding of what happiness is.

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How to Make Your (Grown-Up) Birthday Special

How to Make Your (grown-up) Birthday Special | Zenshmen.com | Ideas on how to enjoy your birthday rather than just let it pass by
For many years now, our birthdays have come and gone like any other day — this is no fun!!  Here are some thoughts on that and ideas of how to make your grown-up birthdays feel a bit more special!
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