Low-Stress Easy Entertaining for Busy, Tired Parents: Behold “The Crappy Dinner Party”

Easy Entertaining at Home - Crappy Dinner Party - ZenShmen - Parenting

Growing up at my house, hosting a dinner party was a big deal. The house was immaculate, the phenomenal dinner (in all its courses) was carefully planned. Cooking, prepping, and baking could span over several days. The table was set with pressed linens, the good china came out, wine was chilled, candles lit, music on.

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25 Days of Zen – Holiday Edition

25 Days of Zen | A simple guide to help you keep your chill this holiday season | ZenShmen

Here at Zen Shmen we’re kicking off 25 days of Zen for the holidays.  Looking for ways to reduce holiday overwhelm and reconnect with what matters most — and actually enjoy the holiday season?  This post can help you.

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Accidental House Flippers – We’ve Moved

Accidental House Flippers - We've Moved | zenshmen.com

If you’re visiting for the first time, you’ll find that our blog started by covering our first home’s transition from an outdated 1950’s ugly duckling to a much more modern and bright family home.

If you’ve been following our projects for a while, it may seem odd (and sudden) to learn that we recently sold our home and moved.  Why?

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Sniffing the Breeze (A Love Letter to Dogs)

Sniffing the Breeze (A Love Letter to Dogs) | zenshmen.com

For those of you who wonder what it’s like working from home, and especially those of you who wonder what your dogs are up to (slash what you may be missing) while you’re out conquering the world, this post is for you.

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