How to Find Your Yes… And Make it a Hell Yeah!

How to Find Your Yes... And Make it a Hell Yeah! - ZenShmen
If you’re looking to find your yes, I have a treat for you today.

I’d like to welcome a fresh new voice to the team, Liz McConomy, who will kick things off with a topic very near to my heart: getting to Yes.


(Psst: here’s a spoiler alert: when you see a kickass woman with her sh*t together, it’s because she has found her Yes. Liz, please help us figure out how to find ours!)


So, please help me in welcoming Liz to these pages 🙂

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Let’s talk about following the Yes. The capital Y, Yes.
The Yes that makes your heart pound in your chest, the Yes that makes you smile without even noticing, the Yes that you want to get to work on right away.
There is Yes-ness in saying no.
There is Yes-ness in going to yoga.
There is Yes-ness in quitting your job.
The Yes can be anywhere. It’s not new. It’s not a long-hidden secret. In fact, Shonda Rhimes of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder fame, wrote a whole book about it. But it is revolutionary. Or, at least, it can be in every individual life that takes it on.
How do I know this? Because it happened to me.
I am so excited to be here hanging with the Zen Shmen gang! This was definitely a Yes for me.
I have been writing a blog for years on and off, yet I’ve never shared it or even attempted to get it read. And I realized, with the huge leap my heart made when I was asked to write here, all this time I was denying a Yes in me.
I wish I had a good reason why; I don’t.
The truth is, I have felt for many years like I had something to share. A new perspective, or view, on how to get through this crazy life.
And then, my confidence wavered, I worried I was saying what everyone else is already trying to say.
I got worried that no one would care what I had to say.
I was afraid that I’d leap and that I would fall flat on my face. And not a cute stumble where you can bounce back and simply smile it off – one of those ugly, messy falls (think America’s Funniest Home Videos).
I denied my Yes because I was scared the whole world would scream back with a resounding “NO!”.
Joining forces with the wonderful Val at Zen Shmen isn’t just appealing – it feels good, it feels right. She is a force of fun, laughter and creativity all on her own. I would be crazy to pass up a chance to hang with her!
So here I am, heart on my sleeve, talking about what I am truly passionate about: finding joy in every day, living your best life, or simply put – happiness.

Why is this Yes so magical and important?

Because the moment you say Yes, you are truly aligning with what you want.
It is a Yes for what you are passionate about.  
It is a Yes to you, your own life, your joy.
We spend our time saying yes to everyone: our boss, our colleagues, our spouse, our family, our kids, hell – we say yes to our neighbours, cars that want to cut in, or strangers in a grocery store. I denied mine out of fear, but it could be guilt, a sense of unworthiness, or even just lack of inspiration. No matter the reason, it happens. And it happens to all of us. Now, I am not here to make you feel worse (“Great, not only am I not saying Yes, but now I am letting myself down! Everything is terrible…”). I am here to talk to you about how to start saying Yes!

How do we do this? Where do we start?

Life can be difficult, it can be dark, and it can be overwhelming. And that’s just your own life! Then, you add what’s happening in the world today and hooooo boy – it can become too much really fast. So let’s explore how we can take care of ourselves a little better, listen to our Yesses, and help lift those around us!
There is more to come, but here is my hello and glimpse of what to expect from my posts on this wonderful blog where one of my heroes is trying to determine what her Yes really is!
Stay tuned for the upcoming Part 2 in this series!

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