9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend

9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | zenshmen.com

Following the popularity of our post, 8 DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend, we’ve decided to showcase a few more ideas on the same topic.  But this time, the focus is on keeping them super easy!  For most of these, I’d say 1-2 hours, tops.

Mama loooooves an easy project!  😉

Jokes aside, I really do love DIY home decor because it gives you a chance to showcase your personality (not to mention learn how to do new stuff!) and I feature lots of our own projects right here on this blog.  If you’re new here, you’re welcome to explore the tabs at the top, or click on “Our Projects” to see a list. Lots of inspiration to be found!

I’m always eyeing neat projects to make as gifts and give to my loved ones.  I pinned the following projects on my Pinterest DIY & Crafty board because I want to make every single one of them!  You’ll find lots more ideas there so if you’re on Pinterest, please come follow along and get inspired every day.

So, how about some of these ideas to get the ol’ creative juices flowing?



Why not find and spray-paint a bunch of mirrors in the same bright colour, and group them together for a nice display that adds color and light?


9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | Spray-paint mismatched items to make a collection | zenshmen.com via The Jewel Box Home
As seen in The Jewel Box Home

Note from Val: this also works for bunch of different objects, from porcelain figurines to mismatched Christmas decorations, which I’ve done.  You can catch that post right here!



If you love those aluminum letters from Anthropologie, you’ll love this idea.  Over at 346 Living, they bought cardboard versions on the cheap and spray-painted in metallic gold and silver!
9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | DIY Anthropology-inspired letters | zenshmen.com via 346 Living
As seen on 346 Living


Note from Val:  I especially like the gold XOXO’s they did for their bedroom.  You’ve got to click on their link above to see them!  Some short words I’d make for our house:  ENJOY, DREAM, LAUGH, DANCE, HAPPY.




Got little knick-knacks and mementos stashed in every nook and cranny?  Event ticket stubs, a pocket map of the zoo, vacation stuff, tiny school photos?  Here’s an idea:  collect it all in a jar and make an annual time capsule of your year, just like this one from Say Yes to Hoboken:


9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | DIY Jar of Memories | zenshmen.com via Say Yes to Hoboken
As seen on Say Yes to Hoboken

Note from Val:  we actually do this with a collection of funny things our toddler says.  We jot them down on little note papers and drop them in, and get a good laugh when we read them later.  But now I will take a cue from the folks above and start adding little odds and ends!



Making high-impact wall art with cool sayings is super easy with this cool idea from Brassy Apple.  (Click the link for the tutorial).  The idea is to stick letters onto a surface, spray-paint the whole thing in a color you like, then peel away the stickers to reveal the words they leave behind.  Very cool.


9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | Cut-out canvas tutorial | zenshmen.com via Brassy Apple
As seen on Brassy Apple

Note from Val: In her tutorial, she shows step-by-step how to do this on canvas.  I’d venture to say it might be just as easy (if not easier) to do this on a mirror or on flat wood.  I’m dying to try it!

If you’re looking for meaningful quotes and sayings, I’ve got over 700 of them on my Pinterest board, Remember.  Come check them out!




Looking for a great, personalized idea for the littles in your life?  How about using pages from their favourite book (perhaps use a spare copy 😉 to make some art for their bedroom or play area?  They did this over at Fabulously Flawed – it started out as a lampshade project, then they used the leftover pages on a canvas.  Clever.


9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | DIY BOOK PAGE LAMP SHADE TUTORIAL | zenshmen.com via Fabulously Flawed Home
As seen on Fabulously Flawed

Note from Val:  this is so adorable.  I can’t wait to do this – in fact I have just the toddler in mind and Christmas is coming up!



This next idea I love.  It’s from Uptown DIY.  There aren’t any instructions but it’s pretty straightforward – just use a map from where the photo was taken as a mat in your photo frame.  Simple and quick, but what an impact!


9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | Map Photo Mats | zenshmen.com via UptownDIY
As seen on Uptown DIY

Note from Val:  I love this.  Let me also say this:  it’s subtle, but if you look closely…  They made the frames light blue, picking up on tones found in the maps.  Also, there’s a thin red line around the perimeter of some of them, which adds a nice sharp contrast.  There are no rules here – as you can see the frames themselves were all different to begin with.




Over at 7th House on the Left, they made a collection of totally unique wall art with wrapping paper. For a few of bucks – or even something you may already have lying around the house – you can make a striking display by framing pretty paper things!


9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | Pretty Papers | zenshmen.com via 7th House on the Left
As seen on 7th House on the Left

Note from Val:  Don’t feel limited to fancy wrapping paper.  Some other things I want to frame include pretty leftover fabric, cool quotes, maps, pages from nice books, magazine pages, and free printables.  (<– there’s a motherload of them a that link, a lovely blog belonging to my sister-in-law Melissa!)



This idea is just dreamy.  It’s from a blog in Sweden, Room Service.  Just imagine all the wonderful things you could spell out on a big surface like this — and the fact that it reads in the other direction is just to artfully beautiful.


9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | Words on a Mirror | zenshmen.com via RoomService
As seen on Room Service

Note from Val: Unfortunately, I don’t speak Swedish and technically didn’t find the actual post this came from, but I can pretty much piece together how I’d make this.  Simple.  I’d get stick-on letters from a hobby store and lay down some rows of green painter’s tape as guides to keep my lines straight.  I’d stick on the words, remove the tape, and voila.




Over at Wit & Whistle, she breaks down how to make a stencilled pillow.  Um yes please!  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!


9 Super Easy DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Make This Weekend | DIY: Stencil Text on Fabric | zenshmen.com via Wit & Whistle
As seen on Wit & Whistle

Note from Val:  Again with my quotes!  I love them on a wall, on a mirror, and now on a pillow. Quick note if you don’t end up clicking on the link, you’ve got to use a fabric marker (not a Sharpie).

Now, until I suck less at sewing and can make my own, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for pretty, plain pillowcases I can jazz up with some nice thoughts.  (Did I really just say jazz up?  Oy…)

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If you have any fun and happy weekend projects that are quick and easy, please link them below for others to see!

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