Crib Makeover

Hey there!

This is a really cool project that we were recently approached to do.  My sister-in-law had a hand-me-down crib that was still safe and sturdy, but had really seen better days.  Its wooden finish was dinged, scratched, had torn stickers on it and, in some places, the varnish was peeling off.  Not quite the look they were going for.

So, together we came up with a plan to refinish it in a baby-friendly way.  We chose to repaint it a vibrant turquoise color that would go wonderfully in the festive, lime-colored nursery.

 The Nursery Color:

SW 6715 Lime Granita by Sherwin Williams

The Original Crib:

The Desired New Crib Color:

Seaside Resort (725) by Benjamin Moore

 Here’s how we did it!

We took it apart.
Scraped off the torn stickers.

Covered the wheels with cling wrap and rubber bands (they were not removable)

Taped over the safety labels, to leave them intact.
Sanded, sanded, and then sanded some more.
Primer: this stuff covers and seals every manner of ugly.

We were surprised how many cans of primer we blew away (maybe 6?)
Paint choice:  Baby-Friendly No-VOC, no odour paint from C-I-L

We sprayed layers upon layers of C-I-L baby-friendly paint with our paint gun, then sealed it up with lead-free varnish spray. 

Here’s the final result!

What do you think of this turquoise crib?  I’m dying to know!

till next time,

Val xo

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