Inexpensive DIY Walk-in Closet

So we have this little extra room in our house, just outside our bedroom.  When we first moved in, it just collected junk.

We’d clear it out, and it would mysteriously fill up again.  I blame the Night Gnomes.

I swear I just cleaned the floor.

Random homeless items collect here.

The flower wreath is a nice touch to the room void of purpose, don’t you think?

Meanwhile, we struggled with putting our clothes away in our too-small 1950’s master closet.  Back then, I can only assume, women owned 3.5 dresses, 1 sweater and 1 skirt, and men owned 4 shirts and 2 pants.  That’s the roundup of what fits in our bedroom closet.

One day, we started eyeing that extra room and daydreaming about turning it into a walk-in closet.  Even if it may not last forever, at that time we had no kids and the room really didn’t serve any purpose.  It wasn’t long before Project Dream Closet was launched.

Here’s how we did it… on the cheap!

First, we measured all the wall space and got creative envisioning where we’d put shelves, rods, drawers and shoes.  We assigned his & hers sides of the room to simplify things.

Then, we bought adjustable wire rack shelving at Home Depot, and had the shelves cut to size.  There’s no charge for that service, which is great because you can have custom-fitting things for your space at no additional cost.

Visions of well-ironed pastel clothes danced in our heads

Next, we headed over to Ikea to buy some inexpensive clothing racks to use as hanging rods.

This one is close to what we have, called the Mulig.  And 12 bucks!  Woohoo!

Next, we pulled in some elements from elsewhere in the house, to warm up the space.  A velvety soft rug underfoot makes for better dressing on a cold winter’s morning!  Also, a little cushioned bench to perch on to pull on socks or act as a folding surface is always handy.

The final touch?  A nice chandelier lamp, for a touch of glamour.  I believe we spent about $60 on this one at a big box store, and chose this timeless style because we can repurpose it pretty much anywhere in the house at a later time.

So here she is…

Project Dream Closet was completed in one weekend!  There’s even enough room for off-season storage up top, which was a happy surprise.

What do you think?

With a little spackle and some new paint, all this can be taken down and this room can be repurposed back into a bedroom if and when needed.  But for now, this is a fantastic solution for having the space to get ready for work in the morning.
What do you think?  Does this inspire you to rethink any space in your home to a better use?
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