Front Hall Dresser Redo

One of my favorite things is a good furniture redo.  There’s something so extremely satisfying about finding something tired, ugly, even broken, and seeing its good bones…  its new life just waiting to come out.
There’s an obscene delight in finding such a treasure cast off by the side of the road, obviously.  But a close second is a place I discovered by accident that I affectionately call The Junk Shop.  At the Junk Shop, all the roadside treasures come to you.  Everything is covered in an inch of dust, and everything is gloriously cheap.  The first redo I want to share with you comes from this heavenly place.  It’s a dresser that was buried under a whole bunch of crap, not to mention under another dresser.
Once I got a good look at it and checked it out (nothing broken, everything is accounted for, solidly built, even dovetail joints in the drawers! sweet!) I immediately got the sweats — made a beeline for the guy in charge of the place, knocking people out of the way, stealing glances over my shoulder.  Make it mine!!  In that instant, it became the thing I coveted most in the whole world.  You know this feeling.  I know you do.  (Note:  When you get the nervous sweats and the stink eye comes out, you know you’ve got yourself a good find.)
So here we go.  Here’s what it looked like after I hauled it home for a mere 30 bucks.
Visions of dove gray drawers and a custom white marble top danced in my head.
Pffff.  Yeah.  Marble costs money, apparently!
So, first I cleaned it.  Eww. 30 year-old congealed dust bunnies in the bottom.
 Then I removed all the gnarly old handles and filled the holes.
 Then came the sanding.
 So here it is below with the lovely dove gray color.  It took many coats of hand painting.  It really is… lovely.   But to be honest, it’s just so drab.  And I say this as a lover of gray, as a happy dweller of my comfort zone which consists of whites and grays and (gasp!) sometimes a splash of beige.
So ultimately I decided I needed to kick it up notch.  I always loved those Asian pieces in wowie bold colors like cherry red, aged yellow, bright turquoise and even orange.  Lots of them have black in them too.  Thing is, I’ve never been able to afford a real one, and the color commitment kinda frightened me.
But, once I found these neato-mosquito Asian-style drawer pulls I knew I had to pull the trigger on a wowie color.  
So voila, here it is in all its cherry lacquered glory.  The paint is Behr Interior/Exterior hi-gloss enamel, which I had color-matched to a sample I brought in.  It has a nice rich finish to it.
The handles are from Richelieu hardware.  I did the top in a glossy black, just to see what it would look like.  Well, if I’m telling the truth, I tested it out beforehand in a quick Illustrator sketch, cause after the botched dove gray jobbie I didn’t want to repaint this sucker again.  Here is the sketch with a matching red top, and a black top for comparison.  Black won.

I’m not ruling out the possibility of a custom-cut marble or granite piece in the future, that would be pretty cool.  But not very wallet-friendly.  I’m also an eco-friendly kind of gal, so I’m always on the lookout for green alternatives.  There is a product called ECO by Cosentino, which is a countertop material made from recycled Porcelain, Mirror, Glass, Corn Based Resin, Crystallized Ash, and Stone Scraps.  It’s goooorgeous!  I hearts it and wants it for a someday kitchen redo.  Check this out:
Anyway, that’s about it for the red dresser.   It enjoys its primo real estate in the front hall but who knows where it can end up (or what color!) in the future. 
We had a brunch party this weekend and had many leftover chocolate croissants.  I had some for breakfast…  and for dinner.  Since it’s past one AM, I should really get to bed and pretend the whole chocolate croissant thing never happened.  Stay tuned for many, many more projects and home updates, as well as a few random musings I’m sure.  Till next time, xo
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    Yes we've been and we love it! They sell everything you can imagine that has to do with renos, whether it's overstock from new builds, stuff you can refurbish from older homes (like amazing beautifully crafted old doors) even flooring and lighting fixtures… It's worth a visit for sure! Let me know what you think when you go.

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    Have you checked out the Habitat for Humanity Store? Rumour has it they sell counter tops for a steal….

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